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We have company vacations from Mon., 25.12.2023, to Wed., 03.01.2024.
During this time there will be no delivery or receipt of goods. Last delivery is on Fri, 22.12.2023 until 12 noon.

From 04.01.2024 collection and delivery will be possible in the time from 7:00 h - 14:00 h, however, these deliveries will not be put into operation until 08.01.2024.

From 08.01.2024 we are again fully available for you.

Deliveries which reach us from 20 to 22.12.2023 will probably be ready for collection from 08.01.2024.


Are you looking for a competent partner in the area of tempering and heat treatment technology? Then you are in the right place. We are specialists in the area of nitriding, nitro carburizing in gas and plasma as well as, in stress-relieve annealing and the tempering of flat products (metal sheets) in hardening press straighteners.


Our customers home and abroad come from various sectors, for instance, mechanical engineering, drive technology and wind power. We are available and happy to answer your questions regarding material selection and the required heat treatments of your projects.


Our own works laboratory offers numerous testing opportunities. We assess cases damages, write expert reports and develop specialized nitriding processes for new materials and special alloys.


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Härterei Carl Gommann GmbH
Dreiangelstraße 29
42855 Remscheid

Tel.: +49 (0) 2191 8865-0
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Heat Treating / Gas Nitriding / Hardness Testing


We have a large number of very large furnaces and thus provide sufficient capacity to ensure short and reliable delivery times. Through ongoing monitoring of our processes, we are able to meet the ever increasing quality requirements of our customers and guarantee absolute process safety in our procedures.


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We advise you on your product and develop, together with you, a suitable solution.
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